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NDIS Registered Provider in Como

At disabilityservicesPerth, we offer quality services to our NDIS participants to make them independent in their lives. No matter what type of your demands are, our qualified team members are always available to serve you with the best. As an experienced NDIS local area coordinator, we always understand your need to provide outstanding service. We always offer national disability insurance scheme based services. Our quality methods of serving clients make us a better option than other registered disability services providers in Como WA 6152. We offer NDIS based services, which include:

  1. NDIS Application Guideline
  2. NDIS Support Worker Service
  3. NDIS Plan Management
  4. NDIS Support Coordination

Disability Support Services Como WA

Do you want to acquire professional support services in Como? At disbailityservicesPerth, we always work on maximizing the strength of disabled people to live independently. With our services, NDIS participants can easily reach their goals and easily fight any problem. As the best NDIS service provider, we always respect the needs of our clients, contact us now!

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Why Choose Us?

If you are desperately searching for an NDIS provider near me in Como, you can go for us. We work hard to make our clients live the lives of their choice by providing them the best services under the great support available below.

  1. Constant availability
  2. Better communication
  3. Fast response
  4. Quality results
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To enquire about disability services Como Call 0862455704
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Our Services in Como

We offer commendable services in Como based on the needs of our clients and some of them are listed below.

How to Apply for NDIS

At disabilityservicesPerth, we are always available to help you regarding your disability problem. But before acquiring any of the services from us, you should check out your eligibility on the NDIS website. After checking you can contact us to acquire our services. The compulsory points included in eligibility are mentioned below.

  1. Your age must be 9 and 65.
  2. You must have an Australian residency or special visa.
  3. Must be using some equipment due to disability problems.