Terms And Conditions

Check Out Our Terms And Conditions Carefully Before Availing Our Assistance

Welcome to our page. If you go through this website and use it, it means you acknowledge our terms and conditions of use. On this page “You” and “Your” imply you, the client, and the visitor using the website. Whereas, “Us”, “Our" and “We” indicate DisabilityServicesPerth.

Amendment of Terms

We have all rights to alter, modify or withdraw parts of these terms from time to time. It’s better to check the terms every time before using our website to keep yourself up-to-date. However, we try our best to highlight the meaningful changes where it requires.

Personal Information and Privacy

Giving us your personal information, including your name and email address is highly essential. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to use our website and avail of the services that we offer.

We respect the privacy of our visitors. Your personal information will be tackled as per the privacy of DisabilityServicesPerth. Your information is taken only for the purpose mentioned in the privacy policy. To read that privacy policy, you should go through our website completely.

Information Available on the Website

The website of DisabilityServicesPerth is all about the services it provides. Contact us to know about our company in detail. We are here to satisfy our participants with our exceptional support.

All the information on our website is generic. It is not linked to any person’s health, medical requirement, or mental or physical well-being. The details on our site are not diagnostic or prescriptive. You should consult a qualified professional for the issues of your family members.

Link to Other Websites

The website of DisabilityServicesPerth may have links to other websites. It does not mean we are sponsoring or advertising them. Nor do we guarantee their information is accurate or latest. We only add links we think provide related information to make it convenient for the visitor. Any links on the linked website or the content are not our responsibility.

Copyright, Trademark, and Restrictions of Use

Every material you find on our website is either owned by us or certified by us. It includes the website design, look, appearance, layout, trademark, and graphics. You are not allowed to reuse or republish the content of our website. In case someone uses our information or imitates it, we reserve all rights to take strict action against them.

You are only allowed for certain things that include.

  • Save to a hard drive for personal use.
  • You can copy the content but mentioning our site as the main source is compulsory.
  • Written permission is required for using our content.

Our Liability to You

It’s crucial to make it clear that we are not responsible for your loss and suffering which may be caused due to our website. Your dependency on the information on this website is totally your choice and we will not be liable for this. That’s why you must ensure the assistance and information on the website meets your specific conditions.

Refund Policy

In case you alter your mind about our assistance or donation, DisabilityServicesPerth can not coordinate with you in this matter. We also do not offer any refunds. Your tax receipt will no longer be accurate if your donation is returned.

There are certain conditions in which DisabilityServicesPerth refunds a donation. It includes.

  • There was a mistake that was made by the team of DisabilityServicesPerth
  • An incorrect donation amount was entered
  • There was a system error


All these terms are according to Australian laws. If there is a discourse between you and DisabilityServicesPerth that leads to litigation, then you can go to the jurisdiction of the Australian law court.

In case any terms are no longer valid or illegal in a particular jurisdiction, that term will be removed from the list. However, all the other terms will be completely valid and forceful.